Saturday, January 29, 2011


Try it, just a hell together. After the entry of products with raw foods in their plans to add more cooked and processed foods. Especially things like fast food, chips, cookies and snacks.

Once you have done it for a minute, a day of fast food. If you do not miss out on junk food, or they believe that the plan for him. Make it memorable and worthy junk.
If you bet types, we offer a lot of money, then stop for half a day to fast food trade.

Once you begin to eat raw food to take in your diet and get most of their food, and stayed with him for at least a week, junk food is simply not as attractive to you. Since you now think that body. And if you really believe that junk food for the body, is suddenly not such a good show.

You know, it is only natural. We began to eat more raw food in our house, and so was not able to hit things like age of the chicken or the hamburger. First, we really feel, not very much to eat about animals. But have you ever read the warning about the chicken that I bought at the supermarket? Or sliced? It is recommended to wash the counters with bleach, if you have already prepared their meat. Now you can really do something in your body, the chlorine needed to clean the germs from surfaces in your house? No, if you're a chicken to see all the germs. And may there is no taste. And what happened?

Other fast-food never love just does not appeal to us all. Nachos with cheese? Well, you can use the cheese is processed, nothing but corn syrup, cheese, fats and chemicals. We feel our arteries to hang, only to see it through. Not even the pool for most of our vegetables. I like the taste of fruits and vegetables themselves

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